Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 23: Hobby

As a children we weren’t allowed to be ‘bored’, our mum was quick to quip that ‘bored’ was for people with no imagination and if we couldn’t exercise our own she could imagine all sorts of household jobs for us to do. We learned quickly to forego that childhood aphorism. Instead, we did stuff.

I knew how to knit although it took me until my teenage years to ever finish anything (a scarf with a cable pattern up the middle in a flecked cream and brown wool that I gave to my mum.)

I could crochet (pronounced in our house as “crow-sher”), again, I hardly finished anything.

I had a “Knitting Nancy” and a latch hook kit. We painted t-shirts with hobbytex and puff paint and made earrings out of fimo.

I did calisthenics from age 3. I played netball in high school and did long distance running. I was a high-jumper (although I really only trained for this when athletics carnivals were coming up at school, I never joined an aths team.) When we moved to a new area, my friend & I joined Guides. I collected stamps.

I liked cooking, even when I was young and I’ve always loved to read.

So, there you go. Lots of hobbies, I guess, although I was probably only really dedicated to calisthenics and reading.

What are your hobbies?


Unknown said...

I love the start of this one....I tell my kids the same thing about exercise your imagination....but never thought of tagging on the household chore component. Gold. How old were you when you stopped Cali, and do you think it had anything to do with your back problems? Zoe loves it, and at this stage I think I will be sequining for the next 6 years (by then she can do it herself!). I'm disappointed you didn't dig out a few Cali photos to add to your blog - I'm sure they would have be glamorous!

day translations said...

Yes, children must have a lot of hobbies. I myself was passionate about reading, singing and playing musical instruments (I still am). And also I had a thing for puzzles - used to spend hours playing puzzles back when I was a little child. Thank you for bringing up the memories :)

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