Saturday, November 29, 2008

Poetry under the Grandstand

Arriving at the Queen Elizabeth Oval, I parked a distance away (I didn't know any better) but it gave me time to breathe and quell my churning stomach before walking into the club rooms. The flurry of report writing I had found myself in over the past two weeks hadn't allowed me to think too much about the poetry reading and get myself in knots over it but once I got to the venue, the reality of it hit me. I was about to read my poetry in front of an audience, and an audience that included the likes of alicia sometimes, Nathan Curnow and Sean M Whelan! Not to mention the local poets with whom I would be reading whose accompishments also intimidated me, and those who were there as audience members whose accomplishments etc etc. What was I thinking? What was Tru thinking asking me to be involved? What was Nic thinking encouraging me to say yes? Neither of them put much thought into how out of my depth and drowning I would be!

Tru started the show with thank yous and a general overview of the program for the evening. And my stomach turned itself into a pretzel-shaped knot of anxiety. Tru introduced the first poet and my heart began to thud so loudly I thought it might put the poor woman off her reading. I don't think I heard her first couple of words and all that blood rushing around in my head was about to ruin my evening so I had a quick but very stern talking to my self-esteem and told it to get over itself. From then on the night ran smoothly. When Tru called upon me to read (even though Nic had to put a hand on my knee to stop me from leaping to my feet in over-anxious enthusiasm and my face burnt with embarrassment at my limited bio) I was able to walk reasonably calmly to the microphone and read my two poems. People laughed (at the funny bits), people clapped, I was relieved and high on 'I-did-it'.

Later, I was able to schmooze with alicia and Nathan and meet some lovely local people too. I'm pleased to report that nobody knew I was nervous (or at least they were all too polite to say so) and that my poems went over well.

Now I can't wait to do it again...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

these are the days...

Spring days are hopeful happiness with the scent of approaching heat. They are orange and yellow bursting from blooms and carpetting every step we take towards new goals, changes and dreams. Spring is a quirky raised eyebrow that hints at sly amusement and sensuous invitation. Long languid bodies peel out of winter layers and chilled wine slides into crisp glasses on verandahs and front porch swings. Spring smiles at passerbys and reclines to wait to be overtaken by Summer.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Poem: Now or Never

Maybe this is a good one to start with because it's how I'm feeling about the poetry reading - to stay and settle would be safer...

Now or Never

Maybe it’s now or never

Time to experience the exotic

To stay and settle would be safer

I’m ready to go and discover

Away from running hectic

Maybe it’s now or never

There are ties I don’t want to sever

Relationships that aren’t episodic

To stay and settle would be safer

Time is a fickle lover

Don’t want to leave out of panic

Maybe it’s now or never

Growing older dreams grown over

What is this need to hover?

To stay and settle would be safer

What makes youth run for cover

And hide in the dark feeling sick?

Maybe it’s now or never

To stay and settle would be safer.

A Poetry Reading

Next Friday I am going to be part of a poetry reading which is a collaborative effort between Bendigo Poets and the Going Down Swinging commissioned event called 'Static'.

I'm quite daunted and even a bit intimidated by the other names and their achievements. I sat reading through the Bios last night and felt sick at being included when I have so little to show for my writing efforts. I'm nestled amongst logie winners; published poets, short story writers and novelists; and generally fabulous people. I'm not sure what I'll have to contribute.

That said, I'm also very excited and really looking forward to it. I probably didn't need this distraction amongst report writing though...

Some poems that I'm considering to follow.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Writers need a Blog

I read somewhere recently (possibly on a blog) that writers need to have their own blog - I'm not sure if it's a matter of 'being seen' or just the idea that we get to rave on for a while and imagine that somebody is actually reading it somewhere.

In any case, now I've got one. Stay tuned for words...