Thursday, May 2, 2013

Poetry Giveaway Winners

This is just a quick post to announce the winners of the poetry giveaway and to apologise for not (yet) finishing my NaPoWriMo posts. I have (mostly) kept up with the poem writing but haven't always blogged them in a timely fashion. I will get there... soon.

And the winners are:

Renee ~ Margaret Atwood's Selected Poems 1965-1975


Andrew ~ either Landlines or Seasons of Childhood

Congratulations to you both and I'll see the rest of you soon with my remaining poems...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 22: A Fortunate Re-write

The prompt for today asks us to rewrite Frank O'Hara's "Lines for the Fortune Cookies".

Fortunate Cookies
Only the wise read their fortune and smile.
Knowing is only guessing with the lights on.
Purple pants are not for everyone.
You will know it when you know it.
Fortune favours the fortunate.
Live well and you will be the envy of many.
Time is not ours to waste.
Love may but come once, be ready.
A departure may be simply an arrival in the mirror.
Fossick and you will find joy.
Happiness abounds for those who know its name.
A deity is only god-like in the eyes of mortality.

Day 21: a selection of words

Today's prompt gave us a list of word to select from. I chose five & created this poem.

Night flight
black asphalt in a black
night, the headlights
are pools that
I swim through.
An elusive wing
sweeps onto the
dual spot lit stage.
A flash of owl
white against black
a mercurial whitewash
splashed onto a
squandered roadway.
My heart beats
in artillery fire
and I grip the steering wheel.

Day 20: ICPOTA

Who remembers that acronym? C'mon, you know you're old enough! (Okay, maybe you're not but I am!) It's the thing I think of whenever anyone mentions personal ads or classified of any kind. Ic Pota was a little character used to sell the classified in The Age newspaper and his name stands for "In the Classified Pages Of The Age". Ic Pota originally looked like this:

Then at some stage had a make over and got a new more tizzy outfit to look like this (Looks like he might have had some 'work' done too, I mean, check out those cheek bones!):

All this is leading towards today's prompt to write a poem based on the Personal Ads, so here's mine:

In the Personal Pages
desperately seeking
looks not important
30 – 40 but with a youthful disposition
fun-loving, care-free
traveller of the world
student of life
with a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks
seeking same
seeking friendship with a view to romance
seeking companionship
seeking a fellow traveller


Don't forget to go here and follow the instructions to be in the poetry giveaway draw.

Day 19: Bookends

Today's prompt was to write a poem that began and ended with the same word.

Hold on
Gravity withholds
an elemental trust
and does not allow
for the groundedness of things
that are held here
by their own true

Day 18: Greetings Earthlings

Today's prompt from the NaPoWriMo blog was to write a greeting poem (as opposed to a valediction which was asked of us back here). When I thought of greetings I couldn't think of a more generous one than I receive from my dogs.


Left at the gate with dejected
tails drooping
but ears still pricked for
a change-of-mind
and “C’mon, get in,”
I drive away.

Hours later,
I return to hopeful
by the time I am out of the car
they’re back at the gate
where I left them
but I could see
on my approach up the long driveway
they weren’t ever-waiting, there all along
but lying in the sunny spot,
worn smooth by their prone bodies,
beneath the bedroom