Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 15: Ten things that make me awesome.

Haha. This is like having to talk about yourself & say that you’re amazing when you’re applying for jobs… I hate that! And I’m not good at it so that’s not one of the things I could put on my list. Let’s see how I go.
  1. I am empathetic and care deeply about others, including animals, plants and the environment we share with them.
  2. I can write fiction that makes other people laugh, cry or be scared; I can provoke an emotional response & I think that’s awesome.
  3. I cook a mean chocolate brownie.
  4. I’m reasonably honest about my failings.
  5. I work at improving myself.
  6. I have high expectations of myself and what I can achieve/do/change/accomplish.
  7. Okay, it’s getting difficult now… I’m a loyal friend and go out of my way for the people I love.
  8. I think I have a natural tendency towards pessimism and worry but I try to cultivate optimism and positivity.
  9. I actively support causes that I believe in (and I don’t mean just signing an online petition—I go to rallies, write real letters and talk about issues that concern me & what we can all do about them.)
  10. I enjoy helping others—this isn’t an altruistic pastime, I honestly get a great deal out of giving, helping & caring.

There! Jeez, that was awful! Help me out here, tell me what makes YOU awesome?

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