Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 7: Dream Job

For a long time now I’ve dreamed of running a writing school for teenagers out of my base of a café, bar & bookshop/performance space where I would also have the time and the inspiration to write myself, perhaps even taking on writing a novel. Of course, this requires such a space to be everything to all people and I’m not sure that one shop front can do that in real life, certainly not the way it does in Dharma’s store that sells nothing.

(This clip starts with Dharma’s first ‘customer’ who, when asked, admits he’s not looking for anything but just waiting for the bus.)

I’m vaguely serious about one day realising at least part of this dream but at this stage, I’m not sure which part exactly. Besides which, I’m fairly busy being a celebrant and, starting Monday, taking a couple of tutes for a first year writing subject at Uni… Both of which are my realised-dream jobs!

What's your dream job?

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