Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Poems Accepted

My latest news is that I've had three poems accepted for inclusion in a Regional Poets' Anthology Chapbook. Two of them have featured here; 'Little Pig' and 'After Wandong', the third is below.

Money for jam…

Like money for jam
a stupid saying really
because I’ve made jam
and it’s not that easy

First there’s all that
chopping of fruit
into tedious pieces
then accurate weighing
and measuring
(never my forte)
matching fruit with sugar
and doesn’t that look like an awful lot
of sugar?
surely a bit less would be healthier

Then stirring-waiting stirring-waiting
for the right consistency
– the one that matches the vague
description in the recipe –
which can be difficult
if you don’t have a natural tendency for patience
and you think it looks right
(good enough anyway)
but when it cools in the jars
 – the ones you nearly scolded
the flesh off your hands trying to sterilise –
what you’re left with is fruity slop
which calls for some creative marketing

You transfer the sludge
into bottles
relabel it “Real Fruit Topping –
great on ice cream,
made with real fruit”
and give it to friends for Christmas,
they smile and say, “Thank you”
but they know it’s really
your failed attempt
at money for jam