Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Act 3, Scene I

At high tide the curtain falls
rocks disappear
the coast is smoothed out, ready
Beneath the water, behind the scenes
a second sky
the sea lettuce
sways and fish dart in preparation
anemones are all tentacles
reaching, groping
keeping time to the
beat beat backbeat beat backbeat
of the waves – a rehearsal of repetition

Rock pools reappear
as the tide rolls back
a blue theatrical curtain
reveals the next act
the sea lettuce lays limp
flaccid on the rocks, slick underfoot
– victim of a tragedy at the end
of the previous scene
jelly domes stand in
understudy of anemones
children squeal
amongst the weed-slippery pools
– an animated audience –
to find the coral red seastar
sucker-foot walking
amid the shells,
centre stage is now hers.