Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 16: Biggest Accomplishment

Gawd! All this banging on about how ace I am. It’s getting hard to handle.

I initially thought of writing about getting first class honours and being accepted in to the PhD program at Deakin. This was a big achievement for me, and something that I was proud of, but it’s probably not my biggest accomplishment.

Then I thought about Nic and what I see as the very successful, happy & supportive relationship we have cultivated but the term ‘accomplishment’ indicates to me something that is finished and, of course, all relationships are a work in progress. Besides, how sappy would that be as a blog post?

So, really, when I think about the thing I’m most proud of accomplishing I think about sitting next to an ex-student of mine, Vanessa, at her house that was bubbling with family and friends celebrating the naming day of her youngest son. She made a point of thanking me for my role in her life as an English teacher and a friend; as someone who supported her through some tough times at the same time as helping her to improve her grammar. She said that I made a difference to her and that is something that I’m very proud of. That’s my biggest accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how i stumbled across your blog but gee im glad i did.

You will probably never know how much you mean to me, I think of you often and love that we have been able to re connect through facebook.

You and Nic are very special people to me and i am forever greatful for your friendship and support.

Love Vanessa

Anonymous said...

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