Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 8: Pet Peeve


That’s about it really. It’s always annoying when someone doesn’t agree with you (well, I think it is when they don’t agree with me!) but I have a certain level of respect for someone who is true to their convictions no matter how off-kilter I find them to be. The thing that I can’t stand is when a person says one thing then does another. That totally pushes my buttons. As a result I try always to be true to my word. This sometimes means confessing that I’ve done the wrong thing, have forgotten to do something or have made a mistake but I’d rather be honest about it than be the person who says one thing and then does something else.

There is one notable exception. I have, in the past, found myself in what I felt was an unwinnable work situation where unrealistic expectations were foisted upon us. In this scenario I found myself nodding and smiling then going off to do my job the way I knew to be best. I chose to see this as a kind of passive-aggressive dissident approach rather than truly hypocritical…

On a related but not exactly the same tangent, I'm fairly easily riled by anyone who says, "I'm not a [insert abhorrent outlook here] but..." e.g. "I'm not a racist but..." or "I'm not a misogynist but..."

I do try really hard not to keep peeves as pets; they're destructive little critters and generally difficult to house-train.

So, what’s your pet peeve?


Unknown said...

People who lack basic respect/empathy for human life and dignity.

Just about nothing else makes me RAGE as much as that does. I could probably share a desert island with the second last human being on earth if they were a blithering idiot until my end of days, but if they were one of the above I'd start building a raft.

Unknown said...

At the airport, people that stand right in front of the luggage carousel, so when you bags finally appear you can not get through to grab them. If everyone was CONSIDERATE, they would stand back 5 metres, then only step forward to collect and move on.

I might have been know to occasionally push through these people, and swing my heavy case off the carousel in their direction. Hmmm, does this make me as bad as them?

I'm also angry at the airport about this one....why is there not a universal yellow line marked on the floor you must stand behind until you have a visual on your luggage? Ala train platforms. I'd be happy to record the audio message reminding people of correct manners.

Phew...that feels better. I hardly travel that much, it just IRKS me. Off to Gold Coast next week. Watch out people - taking my yellow masking tape with me.

P.S. Second pet hate.....words you have to type in when posting that prove you are not a robot - but you can't read them!