Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 17: When and why I started blogging

I started blogging when I read somewhere (possibly on a blog) that all writers need a blog. So, initially I started it as a kind of journal & way of sharing my writing and what was happening in the little writing section of my world as well as just random rants about things I wanted to share. Probably the real reason is that I can’t shut up and this was just another format through which I could keep talking even if nobody was around… That was 20th November, 2008.

Then when we started building our strawbale house lots of people wanted to keep tabs on the progress but progress was slow. It got so that when we caught up with friends they were a little bit scared of asking how it was going in case it really wasn’t so on the 6th on April, 2009 I started a blog about the building project. That way our friends could at least see what was happening despite our insistence that nothing actually was.

Now that I’m studying for my PhD I’ve started another blog to chart that progress, although there hasn’t been much activity there lately. Better get on with it.

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