Thursday, November 5, 2009


there’s a girl in the moon
she lives there, she likes it
it’s quiet and she can see
for miles and miles
all the way to the stars and back

and the Earth looks like a ball
that she’d like to play with
if only she could reach
but she can’t so she contents herself
with wielding power over tides
and menstrual cycles

the girl in the moon
isn’t lonely or sad
and she likes her own company
and she wants you to leave her be
she likes it if you gaze
at her pretty complexion
but she doesn’t care if you don’t

and the Earth looks like
it could just fall out of space
and she’d not be bothered
by telescopes or lunar modules
by pimple-faced boys staring up
up, up, up at her in a cloak of black

she isn’t embarrassed
when they tell her their secrets
or whisper an Earth girl’s name
with such longing that would
break any promise

there’s a girl in the moon
she lives there, she likes it

Monday, November 2, 2009

In the hospital

In the hospital you said,
“We used to have fun,
you and I,
when you were little.”
you held my hand tightly
and I couldn’t feel
my fingers

You said,
“You were a terror
knocking down
the houses
I’d built of cards.”

I leant forward
in the uncomfortable chair
left for uncomfortable visitors
and laughed too loudly

I talked about the kite
we made
that wouldn’t fly properly
until it’s frame broke
in a spectacular crash landing
you did a hasty repair
and finally
it flew

You held my hand and said,
“Anyway, ninety-one’s pretty good,”
and I laughed as if you were joking
kissed your cheek
and left
as if nothing was wrong

Somewhere a house
of cards
fell down

Recently my Pa wasn't very well and the conversation we had before his operation to remove a bowel obstruction frightened me so I needed to write about it. The ending is about my fear, not Pa's demise & in fact, he's doing very well.