Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 3: What makes me happy?

I have written a blog post before about some things that make me smile so I’ve already covered sunflowers, hot air balloons and rainbows.

The obvious addition to what makes me happy would have to be my darling partner (who is my boundless love and support… and who, right now, is singing loudly and off-key, “I’m a believer” down in the kitchen—that makes me smile for sure.)

Our three gorgeous dogs make us both happy. They play together in the yard where we can see them from the back window or they play with us. They are especially funny when we take them to the dam and they swim and play, generally making us nearly as wet as they are by the end of it.

Coming home to our strawbale house makes me happy too. I’d like a lot more garden and there are endless things that still need finishing but the ‘happy’ is definitely installed and working very well.

What makes you happy?

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Emily M. said...

Such a great photo of Nic!