Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The thing that irritates me about social media…

Comic from TheDoghouseDiaries

I have a problem with social media. Okay, when I say, “social media” I mean Facebook—I’m not very proficient at Twitter, I have no idea what’s going on at Google+ and I’ve never had a MySapce page.

So, my issue with Facebook? Is it what’s happening to my personal information? Well, although this is a bit of a concern, I’m not too worried about it. I don’t geotag my photos, I don’t post personal information and I don’t buy anything, ever, from the advertisements… especially when they’re targeted to my demographic. So, I don’t think anyone is getting very much from my page.

Is it bullying? Again, although cyberbullying is obviously a very serious problem, it’s not something I’ve had to deal with outside of my role as a secondary school teacher. Nobody has ever said anything nasty to me online and if they did, I’d “walk away” (as I would in real life) and I’d delete them (as I’m not allowed to in real life).

So, what’s the big problem with Facebook? Is it all of those pictures of kittens? Nope, I can even deal with cutesy photos and posters.

What then? Okay, my real problem with Facebook is people who post thinly veiled complaints about others in messages such as:

Some people should really get outa my face & get a life! Geez, you shit me!

Yes, that’s what shits me. If you really want to tell everyone that you’ve had a bad day because your ex called you demanding to know who this new guy is that you’ve started seeing and you had a screaming match on the phone which didn’t make you look good at your office, then say that. If you only want to tell that nitty gritty to your close friends then pick up the bloody phone and call them! I see these posts as attention seeking and childish. Especially when they result in a thread such as:

Friend1: OMG are you ok. What happened?
Friend2: Is this about who I think it’s about?
Friend3: Tell em all to fuck off. Hope you’re okay.
Friend4: What’s going on? Are you ok?
Person1: Nuthin. It’s all ok guys I’m fine. Love ya all!

Well, if it’s “nuthin” and you’re fine why post that diatribe in the first place? If you want to share, share. If you don’t want to share, shut the hell up.

On the other hand, I applaud the woman whom I saw post a picture of the flowers and chocolates her boyfriend bought for her followed up by a status two days later along the lines of:

You bought me guilt-flowers, you cheating piece of shit!

No cloak and dagger, no veil, just telling it like it is!