Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another blog altogether?

I've been thinking about ways of tracking my year 'off' and was contemplating starting a whole new blog which, in my caffeine-fueled enthusiasm, I had decided to call, "The Year of Living Aimlessly"... Did you see what I did there? In a moment of clarity, I thought to google my chosen title, just to check, maybe there are other brilliant people out there who are as witty and aimless as myself. And lucky I did too.

My google search delivered unto me a novel of that title by Steve Myhill. The tagline of said publication is "The life and loves of a he-devil" which doesn't really sound like my kind of thing. The same author has also written a book called Men are from Wagga and Women Wish They Weren't so it seems he has a sense of humour but I'm not sure if it should be read that the women in question wish they weren't from Wagga or the women wish the men weren't from Wagga. Regardless, I was now less-than-impressed that my spiffy title was taken.

On further inspection of the google search results I discovered a blog post also using this phrase as its title. The blogger in question seems to be using a picture of a light bulb sticking out of a bum as his profile picture. Is that a metaphor?

This is not the first time I have been shocked to find that somebody has beaten me to the punch. A few years ago I entertained the idea of a cafe/secondhand bookshop and I thought I was the embodiment of brilliance when I decided that I could call my shop where people would thumb through a book while eating cake and drinking coffee "Bookuccino." Isn't that witty? Aren't I amazing? Hmm, but apparently so was somebody else and they were a bit more snappy about it than I was ever likely to be. Cafe Bookacino in Church St, Whittlesea. *sigh* Maybe I'm just not cut out for the cutting edge...

So, without a catchy title for my intended 12 month long blog, I have returned to Written in Ochre and decided instead that this blog must be all things to all people (unless, of course, you're interested in the progress of the strawbale house we're building and if so you can go there or if you want to see me as a wedding celebrant rather than aimless writer of blog content and on-leave teacher.)


Anonymous said...

A year of living aimlessly?

That could apply to me equally as well.

On the subject of bookshops which sell coffee there's plenty of them up here and an excellent one in Aberdeen. It's on two floors and as all of the books are 2nd hand they are all reasonably priced. I say don't let the fact that your not the first person to think up an idea stop. Just do it better!

By the way, don't know if you are aware, but Ochre is a sort of orangey-brown - your blog is currently mostly gree, ;-)

Anonymous said...

Argh. Please accept my apologies over all of the typos. I appear to be word stupid today.

Deb said...

Gav, I got tired of the orangey-brown I used to have to go with the title... so now it will just have to be an incongruous blog! :)

Some days I still entertain the cafe bookshop idea, they're pretty popular here too now but not so much when I originally thought about it - I just figured it would be a way to combine my three great loves: books, coffee and cake! I tend to keep my eye out for potential shop fronts in my town, if the right thing comes up I would have to seriously consider it.

Jaxon Oakley said...

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