Monday, July 20, 2009

Short Story accepted by Verandah


I received an exciting email last week telling me that Verandah 24 has accepted a short story of mine for publication! I'm very thrilled and promise to report back about the launch. I can't wait :)

Here is another poem for you.
Deb :)

Thirty-something limbo

When I’m old
I’ll go walking
like I did
as a child,
if I can still get up
if my knees don’t creak
if my back doesn’t ache.

When I’m old
I’ll have the time
to read the books
I should have read
in my youth
and I’ll regret
the lost opportunity
at wisdom.

When I’m old
I’ll get rid of knickknacks
and surround myself
with photographs.
I’ll never watch television,
I’ll see arthouse films.
I’ll remember to breathe
and appreciate
and laugh.
I’ll have long philosophical discussions
with dear old friends,
over tea on the porch.
I’ll wake up early
just to hear birds sing.

And I’ll lament my missing youth
and wish
I was too busy again
for walks and books,
talks and friends.