Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 19: Five blogs I follow

Hyperbole and a half by Allie Brosch
If you haven’t yet been exposed to Allie’s wit, start at the start and by the time you get to her most recent post from October last year, I dare you not to be pained that there are currently no more to read. Allie has taken a hiatus from blogging to deal with the depression that she writes about in her October post and I hope she’s back and feeling better soon.

Just a ‘mom’ writing about the books she reads but interesting to follow.

This is the blog of a friend and ex-teacher of mine. He is insightful and genuine. I love his writing.

Leisl Egan of ‘Girl in a Hat’ is funny. There hasn’t been much action here lately either but when she does write, I like to read it. Even her bio is awesome. I wish I had a witty one like that!

This is the blog of an ex-student of mine. She’s an author and is off having adventures untold and excitements unnumbered!

I know it was only meant to be five but this is a blog I’ve just started reading because my dad suggested it to me. He’s become quite obsessed with it himself. I’ve only read a bit so far but it’s interesting stuff and (Dad was right, who’d have thought) very up-my-alley.

What blogs do you follow? Why? Should I follow them too?


ridiculous said...

I've just started following: It's my friend's journey with breast cancer. It's frank and inspiring.

Deb said...

Thanks 'ridiculous'. I'll keep an eye one that one.

Leisl Egan said...

Aw, thank you very much! I only just saw this! See, googling ones own name does pay off!