Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 1: Self-Portrait and 5 Random Facts

I’ve taken it upon myself to revive this blog [at a time when I’m really busy] by taking up this 31-day blog challenge:

So, I thought my 5 random facts should be things that people probably don’t know already (without, dear reader, over-sharing and scaring you away for good.)

  1. I drive a fair bit because live in a reasonably rural location so I like to listen to books on CD from my local library.
  2. Two days ago it was raining when I got off the train and I actually laughed out loud at the fact there were people who tried to shrink into their clothes and looked like they were wincing in pain when the rain hit them. I love summer rain, especially when we haven’t had any in such a long time.
  3. From where I’m sitting at my desk upstairs I am watching galahs and magpies wheel past while the kangaroos munch grass below. I love it here.
  4.  I get a headache if I try to start my day without coffee. Even worse is the fact that I’ve become quite the coffee snob & barely like anything that I don’t brew myself—there are very few places I’m happy to buy coffee these days.
  5. Speaking of brewing, we are about to put on another homebrew here, a pale ale. To be brewed concurrently with a cider—we now have two complete brew kits & we're making them work.

There, that’s day one of the challenge done.
See you tomorrow.

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Emily M. said...

I love your fun facts. It's funny picturing you enjoying a summer rain, when we are just getting out of winter! Also, when I had to commute, I loved listening to books on tape, so fun!