Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 5: Inspired by a spacecraft.

The prompt for today was to draw inspiration and a poem's title from the name's of spacecraft in Iain M Banks' science fiction. I saw Iain Banks when he spoke at the Edinburgh Book Festival in 2011 and I was much saddened to hear of his recently announced illness.

Although I'm not much of a reader of science fiction, when I do read it, I generally enjoy it a great deal so here's my poem drawing inspiration from two science fiction writers.

Jaundiced Outlook1

dark they were,
and golden eyed2
jaundiced outlook
of moonbeam babies
never meant to be here
staying only long enough
to change
move away
become liquid in
non-existent Martian seas
they float
limbs longer then they should be
and we are afraid
their strange voices

1 Taken from Excession by Iain M Banks, Jaundiced Outlook is the name of a spacecraft.
2 Taken from the title of Ray Bradbury’s science-fiction short story, “Dark they were, and golden eyed”.


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