Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 14: take a hike

Today NaPoWriMo's prompt asks us to take a walk and make some notes on what we see. I'm not particularly ambulatory at the moment after damaging my ankle so I took an imaginary, memory-based walk around our property.

After rain

In the morning we wake
to the sound of water
running into the tank
although we did not hear the rain
and I know the ants
will be busily frantic
around their landscaped holes
each one a small but terrifying
force of nature,
kangaroos will find
new shoots that have
sprung up like a magician’s
bouquet in the time
it took for the rain to soak in,
there will be divots in the dust
of the driveway but it will
still be dusty,
the swallows will take the
opportunity of damp earth
to resume construction of their
mud bowl nests
under the front verandah
where we will knock them
down, discouraging their site selection
and loudly
suggesting other perfectly
suitable places for swallows
to raise a family,
the colours under the grey sky
will be darker and deeper
than when they are washed
out by the full sun and we will
drink coffee and wonder
how many millimetres we got.
I open my eyes and stretch. 

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