Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 4: The Sea

The prompt for today was to write a sea shanty... and I tried, honestly, I did. But rhyming and structure aren't much my thing so I went with a seaside setting instead.


scummy foam gathers in the rockpool
as the tide slithers back to
where it came from

the child squats at the puddled
seawater, scoops out the foam
because it makes the pool look dirty

she thinks it must be pollution
--soapy scum from residential bathrooms
houses on the cliff tops
she squints up at them in disgust
How could they do this?
It might kill the fish, the crabs,
the anemones.

she can’t let that happen

handfuls of foam sit popping
slowly, disappearing on the sand
childhood indignation left to dry in the sun


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