Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 11: an un-love poem

Today's prompt was to write an un-love poem. The example given was one of my very favourite poems  ever, a very brief one by Margaret Atwood:

You Fit Into Me
You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
a fish hook
an open eye
–Margaret Atwood

I decided to go with something a little less profound!

Bless this mess.

Look around
and you’d get the idea
that I harbour
a deep and undying
for dust;
for dirty windows,
unwashed dishes and mess;
that I feel an affiliation
with chaos and calamity;
that I admire the disordered
and disorderly
allowing them to take
refuge in my home.

A single glance
sweeps floors that
a broom has not.

Your peering judgement
notes papers scattered
            (not even in piles)
across the dining table;
more bags and backpacks than any
one person should need
piled on chairs;
pens that have escaped
the captivity of pencil case;
books, power cords, an old cardboard box,
empty coffee cups,
stamps, a stapler, jewellery removed
and set down instead of put away.

Placemats mark two spaces where
we can eat
now that the rest of the table’s surface
has been swallowed
by the commotion of my life.

But all of it is
much tidier
than the thoughts inside my head.

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