Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 20: ICPOTA

Who remembers that acronym? C'mon, you know you're old enough! (Okay, maybe you're not but I am!) It's the thing I think of whenever anyone mentions personal ads or classified of any kind. Ic Pota was a little character used to sell the classified in The Age newspaper and his name stands for "In the Classified Pages Of The Age". Ic Pota originally looked like this:

Then at some stage had a make over and got a new more tizzy outfit to look like this (Looks like he might have had some 'work' done too, I mean, check out those cheek bones!):

All this is leading towards today's prompt to write a poem based on the Personal Ads, so here's mine:

In the Personal Pages
desperately seeking
looks not important
30 – 40 but with a youthful disposition
fun-loving, care-free
traveller of the world
student of life
with a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks
seeking same
seeking friendship with a view to romance
seeking companionship
seeking a fellow traveller


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