Thursday, August 5, 2010

Writing in Edinburgh

Today our course started with a seminar and library tour. We read beginnings and wrote beginnings as would be appropriate for the beginning of anything.

I handed some work to my tutor so she could read it in preparation for my one-to-one tutorial session tomorrow afternoon. I decided to go with poetry and I was flattered (prematurely because she hadn't actually read it yet) when she asked if I was working towards a collection or anthology of my poems.

I must look like a writer or sound like a writer (although that could be down to my non-fashion, hippy tendencies and the fact that I'm a bullshit artist for a living). On the theme of beginnings, I might even be beginning to think that I'm a writer and that could be a daunting thought. I wonder how it's going to end?


Cheryl and Ron said...

It surprises me to see you thinking of yourself in any way as a 'beginner'. Beginning something new perhaps....... but not a beginner, which to me has connotations of being a novice. You are an accomplished writer who is at a 'new beginning' - obviously the lecturer has recognised that in you already!

michelle said...

have too agree you are no beginner,just taking another road to complete amazing journey you are on..enjoy!