Saturday, January 1, 2022

365 Days of Short Fiction

In keeping with my usual New Year activities, I have again avoided making actual resolutions. Instead, as I have for a number of years, I’ve set myself a challenge. This year I’ve decided I want to read more short fiction. In particular, short fiction written by Australian female and non-binary authors. I’m going to read one a day and report back each week on the previous week’s seven pieces of work.

In response to a call out for suggestions, I’ve curated a schedule for the first month. I’m going to start with the following selections from the publication Flock: First Nations Stories Then and Now edited by Ellen van Neerven. My first seven day’s of reading will be the following:

January 1st: ‘Galah’ by Melanie Saward

2nd: ‘Cloud Busting’ by Tara June Winch

3rd: ‘Each City’ by Ellen van Neerven

4th: ‘River Stay’ by Mykaela Saunders.

5th: ‘Stepmother’ by SJ Norman

6th: ‘Wait for me’ by Jasmin McGaughey

7th: ‘Split’ by Cassie Lynch.

I’m still taking suggestions for for the rest of the year. What would you have me read as a favourite (preferably Australian female or non-binary authored) short story?

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