Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Invasion of Collins by Poets and their army of family and friends!

Unsuspecting shoppers seeking bookish presents for Christmas in Collins Books last Sunday were faced with a plunder of poets (Do you like that collective noun? I just made it up.) who were there to celebrate the launch of Land Lines, a regional poet's anthology published by the Melbourne Poets Union.
We read poems, nibbled sandwiches and toasted with some soft bubbles after Lorraine Marwood declared the publication launched.

The link above goes to a site that has some pictures of the poets and other people involved as well as another rundown of the event.

I had a lovely afternoon. I conquered my nerves and read 'Money for Jam' - people laughed in the right places so I was happy. I had a loyal little band of supporters who made the journey. Special mention must go to Karin who came to see me read in Edinburgh and now in Bendigo (I have an international groupie!)

Must get writing and submitting some more now that the school year has finally released me from it's pythonic hold.

Cheers, all the best of the season (whichever one you might be celebrating).


Anonymous said...


Good to hear that it went well.

Is a plunder of poets appropriate? How about a pretension?

(Of course I jest!)

Deb said...

Oh, Gav, you shouldn't anger a plunder of poets! We can get scary and possibly start to rhyme in your face when antagonised!