Monday, November 2, 2009

In the hospital

In the hospital you said,
“We used to have fun,
you and I,
when you were little.”
you held my hand tightly
and I couldn’t feel
my fingers

You said,
“You were a terror
knocking down
the houses
I’d built of cards.”

I leant forward
in the uncomfortable chair
left for uncomfortable visitors
and laughed too loudly

I talked about the kite
we made
that wouldn’t fly properly
until it’s frame broke
in a spectacular crash landing
you did a hasty repair
and finally
it flew

You held my hand and said,
“Anyway, ninety-one’s pretty good,”
and I laughed as if you were joking
kissed your cheek
and left
as if nothing was wrong

Somewhere a house
of cards
fell down

Recently my Pa wasn't very well and the conversation we had before his operation to remove a bowel obstruction frightened me so I needed to write about it. The ending is about my fear, not Pa's demise & in fact, he's doing very well.

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Cheryl and Ron said...

Such precious people our grandparents. All of mine gone long ago and I still remember them and the wonderful things we did together. Lovely poem Deb